Why to wear a bracelet?

People have been wearing Gold or Silver as jewellery for centuries because they shine and look good. In some countries many are wearing gold to show how wealthy they are. In other countries, like India, gold is used as a marriage gift. Western countries consider gold an asset which keeps value in time and can be trade against money. In our modern days I think the power of gold and silver jewellery has lost a significant value of image. Today we need to be aware and ask ourself what is proper for each situation when we choose our jewelry. Today we look for jewelry that can be match to whatever we dress, to give our outfit more shine and make even a boring outfit look better.

When to wear accessories?

Accessories like beads bracelets are just complimentary to our outfit and makes it not so visible like wearing a gold bracelet that will shine out of the whole outfit which will make the bracelet the center of attraction and the outfit will lose it’s shine. I know many well known jewellers that moved from whole gold and silver jewelries like bracelets or chains into modern accessories like beads or leather where gold and silver are only used as charms.

My personal opinion about fashion accessories

I personally have accessories like beads or leather bracelets. I can wear my jewelries with cheap outfits or with my thousand dollar suit. There are many fashion artists claiming that “less is more,” but isn’t always correct at least not in case of beads and leather accessories. Sometimes when you want your outlook to sparkle and shine you just need to know the key what ok and what not. You need to look at the red carpet artists, wearing bracelets as a combo which makes it really look good. You need to know how to match them … sometimes one single bracelet is enough, there is actually no rule, it just needs to look good.

Office Jewellery

If you are going to wear your jewelries in the office, first question is what type of job you do and how you dress for work. If you are wearing a suit day by day then ask yourself how much jewelry you should wear. I think for office you should chose pieces that aren’t distracting and noisy but again it depends on the job. If you are a rock music producer then you are wearing many pieces as this is part of your lifestyle. If you are a banker you wear only a single piece matching the blue shirt or black suit.

Everyday accessories

Why are we calling modern jewelry, fashion accessories?

The multitude of wearing possibilities makes them a fashion piece. You can match beads bracelet to your red sneakers or to your blue jeans jacket or even to your hat. There is actually no rule, it just has to look good and sometimes less is not more, sometimes it looks good to have 3 wristbands on a hand and 2 or 3 necklaces. Before I dress and chose my accessories I always ask myself a simple question, does it match my outfit?You need to remember that one simple question and I think that all you need to know about fashion accessories.

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