Summer is coming – What are the new fashion accessories trends?

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The summer comes! Where will you go? How about 30 degrees in Bali? Or would you prefer 40 on Ibiza? No matter! The main thing is summer, sun, sunshine! Get ready for the summer of your life!

But before it happens, you have to pack. You shouldn’t just pack your sandals and summer hat. No, your jewelry is also looking forward to the warm breeze of the sea!

However, if you cannot decide what is trending this year, we have a few tips for you! Because just the maritime vacation literally cries out for a cool anchor bracelet. But everyone really wears that and doesn’t even reflect your individuality. Even the leather bracelet from the last Oktoberfest is not exactly exciting for you. That is why you are probably looking for something unique that will draw everyone’s attention. And therefore also on you!

Stylish jewelry for the beach – Summer is coming faster than you think!

Especially on vacation, you will certainly feel the best and most liberated – of course your look has to go with that. And we can rely on one thing: summer is coming! Soon! Longingly awaited! And you want to look cool and elegant while strolling on the beach or relaxing at the cocktail bar.

An irresistible look is usually a combination of timeless clothing cleverly combined with trendy pieces. Exciting for those who love and live fashion and want to throw themselves into new designs every year. That is why the Ami trend that is spilling over to Germany will surely inspire you.

What exactly does that mean? Ha! Beads, beads and again beads! This summer is going to be colorful! The bright trend from Beverly Hills is taking Europe by storm. And you can experience this American flair too. Enjoy life as if you were living in Los Angeles. No matter whether you are surfing, sunbathing or playing volleyball – the right bracelet must not be missing!

Colorful large beads define this look and make every OOTD perfect! The more glitter the better! But one thing is particularly important: naturalness. And we’re not just talking about your personality and your wonderful smile. Your Perlenarmband should also be real. Therefore – leave the plastic beads on the stand and invest in beautiful gemstones that have been personally textured by Mother Nature. Because every pearl made of jasper, amethyst or aquamarine is unique! Exactly like you! So put on your personal bracelet and become a star in the sunlight!

Beach party evening

Summer is coming – this is how you look cool.

Ok, when the day is over, most of the fun on the beach really starts! So that you will continue to attract everyone’s attention, you should change your outfit. Throw yourself into something stunning that will make everyone stretch their heads towards you. And what shouldn’t be missing? Clear! The right bracelet. For a mystical and exciting look, there is nothing better than black beads! If you don’t know where to buy them go check out this 2 pages that we like John Beneton and Joo Petri from Germany. Add jasper or lava stones and you will be captivated by everyone!

But remember! Colorful, colorful and colorful again this summer is the be-all and end-all! Colors appear particularly well on the beach with white sand and crystal-clear water.

Where will you go this year?


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