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Men’s and women’s Necklace Collection

John Beneton is a complete artist,  not only he designs bracelets but also necklaces that will make your wild heart beat faster. No matter if you are looking for a bracelet or necklace that is trendy or you want to find something that reflects you. We have just the right thing for you!
With great detail, John Beneton creates unique pieces. Complete your look with a touch of masculine elegance.

The processed gemstones are unique grained by nature. Just like you, your necklace is absolutely unique. This natural beauty can be found in every single pearl, which together with selected decorative elements merge into an exciting necklace.
Let your personality run free and wear what you want. Wear your necklace solo or combine it with other chains to create your distinctive look. More individuality is not possible.

Your necklace – your look

Our necklaces are:

  •  of different colors
  • elegant and playful designs
  • made of different materials

Choose from different designs such as pearls, charms and silver to underline your rocking look.
Each element has been selected to express your personality. Your Necklace will be an eye catcher. Since YOU determine your appearance, you can also combine your necklace with your watch or ring. Whether made of gemstones or with leather elements, your chain will match your look.
Every necklace made of gemstones also has an esoteric meaning.

Click through our offer and find your chain matching your zodiac sign. Some of our gemstones also focus on certain areas, such as concentration, stability or balance. With so much power you will not only look good, you will also strengthen your mentality.

Men’s and women’s Necklace Collection – Shop the look – Find your necklace

Necklaces for women and men are definitely individual pieces of jewelry. Because they express so much more than just a sense of fashion. You make your choice according to your taste, right? It is correspondingly difficult to choose a necklace or bracelet for someone else.
That is why we have put together a lookbook for you. Let yourself be inspired by the multitude of personalities and find the right gift for a specific person.
If you want to make the love of your life a special pleasure, our Shop the Look section is the right one for you. Because here you can also find special couple looks and buy them together. If you can’t limit your choice of necklaces, the lookbook can also help you.

Be it the casual look on the beach or the suit on the day of the event, you will find the right chain here.
You are also welcome to tell us in the comments. Do you have an idea for further looks or blog entries? Let us know!

Our quality feature

Each necklace goes through quality tests to ensure that you and your bracelet can walk together for a long time in your wild life.
In addition to the high-quality pearls and decorative elements, your necklace also consists of a tear-resistant nylon thread. So you and your chain will be inseparable for a long time.
Payment, shipping and return
Did you find your necklace? Excellent! We are sure that you will love your chain!
Here you will find a few important details.
Payment is very easy via PayPal.
Each necklace is packaged in high quality and will give you pleasure when you unpack it.
But a question for you: what increases when you share it? Right – joy. That’s why we send our products in premium packaging. Perfect for sending a necklace as a gift.
The shipping is free of charge and is done with DHL!
We pride ourselves on the quality of our necklaces. Therefore we are convinced that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Still, you get a 12 month guarantee.
However, if your bracelet or necklace is defective or you are not satisfied for any other reason, we are here for you. You can exchange your bracelet for FREE within 12 days.