Our Story

welcome to John Beneton

John’s Mantra: All I do is to work with passion because this fulfills me. I don’t consider my finish products as products, oh no, this are part of me, part of my journey, part of My World!


John started as a Fashion designer, first he created a socks brand for gentlemen, introducing new and modern design to classy designs. But his ideas were beyond that he wanted to create men stuff which he could not find on the market so then the idea came to create men and woman accessories that he was looking for that he would like to wear.


Finally the Fashion Accessories brand ”John Beneton” was establish and the Story will start… .

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Celebrate a chapter (or two) from the
story of her life.

how it was

Our HiSTORY. Started from an idea but with passion and love to ART!

…..when it started

….and we develop

…our work starts shining

….finally we are there!

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